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Real World Product Testing.
Testimonial Services

Infomercial Testimonial Group® (ITG) is a real world product testing company
 that has been providing the DRTV industry with testimonial casting for research &
money making infomercial testimonials backed by research for over 20 years.  

SKIN CARE Testimonials

Some of our Skin care DRTV testimonial testing equipment includes
The VISIA™ Digital Skin Analysis. 

VISIA is advanced photographic technology that captures a clear, close-up, multi-dimensional image of facial skin.  It provides accurate clinical measurement of skin surface and pigment irregularities. It is perfect for DRTV Testimonial studies.

Weight Loss Testimonials

     Calorie Burn and Metabolism Testing   


At infomercial Testimonial Group we have an established advisory team
 of Professional Experts including  University Professors, Medical Doctors, Dermatologist, Chefs, Coaches, Fitness Trainers and other experts in various fields.

In addition to our experts we also have access to the laboratory testing equipment needed to test the effectiveness of just about everything from weight loss products to hair growth, face wrinkles, cholesterol, and even acne products


Infomercial Testimonial Group handles everything from testimonial recruitment, proper testimonial casting, compliance coordination, documentation, expert program monitoring, Before and After Photos, measurements and exit interview coordination.  All infomercial testimonials and testimonial casting done at ITG are backed by research and we respect the FTC guidelines for Testimonial Casting for researchITG can even handle the actual testimonial exit interview day shoot.


We offer the client a number of testing options including market acceptance research studies, focus groups, compare and contrast studies, infomercial testimonial studies, proper testimonial casting, scientific and clinical studies.  Our focus is on product effectiveness and the complete typical and  A-typical experiences of the actual users


Some of our in-house equipment for weight loss and fitness testing includes.....

EMG testing (muscle activity)

  • Metabolic Test equipment - Measures calories burned.
  • EMG - Measures muscle activity.
  • Pull and push Strength Dynamometer - Tests muscle strength increase and or endurance.
  • Precise Girth Measurements.
  • Reach Box to test changes in flexibility.
  • Range of Motion Testing (ROM) for joint stiffness
  • Regularly calibrated medical scales.
  • Lange Calipers.
  • Electronic body fat testing.
  • V02 Test equipment.
  • Strength test harness.

Infomercial Testimonial Group has been providing DR testimonials to the DRTV industry since 1994 and we look forward to providing for YOU!

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