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Infomercial Testimonial Group® is the ONLY
 DRTV infomercial testimonial provider recommended
to your consumers by SELF magazine.
IF your product works
 ITG will prove it with documented results!

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Ed Gaut has been in the fitness and weight-loss field for nearly 30 years starting out as a certified personal trainer in Washington DC and working his way to become one of the most sought after health & fitness researchers and infomercial testimonial casting experts in the world of infomercial testimonials.

DRTV testimonials, infomercial testimonial group, testimonial groups, Ed GautInfomercial testimonials at Infomercial testimonial group 714 850 9777

NO testimonial casting for wanna-be compensated actors -
At infomercial Testimonial Group - just Real people
  (your target consumer demographic) and Real results.
Do your DRTV infomercial testimonials the right way the first time.
Call Infomercial Testimonial Group for a free consultation 949 251 0944
Providing DRTV Testimonials.

Launch your DRTV Infomercial Testimonial projects with ITG -
  the largest independent non biased DRTV infomercial testimonial provider in the world. 20 years of earned industry experience in Direct Response testimonial casting for study coordination and infomercial testimonial management.

  Stream lined protocols for infomercial testimonials and FTC proper testimonial casting allowing Infomercial Testimonial Group to accomodate the smallest of reasonable testimonial budgets.
TG recruits Infomercial testimonial study subjects the proper way
  without 'testimonial casting'.

Infomercial Testimonial Group is extremely successful at targeting a clients desired DRTV testimonial demographic while respecting the FTC Guidelines for infomercial testimonial casting and recruitment.
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Infomercial Testimonial Group has more experience with successful DRTV testimonials,
infomercial testimonial recruitment and infomercial testimonial
  production than any other company - period!
So far over 6,000 individuals have passed through our testing center doors
  specifically to test DRTV infomercial products and programs.
 All infomercial testimonials by Infomercial Testimonial Group are of non paid testimonial volunteers who honestly generated end result by following the program being tested.  If a product works we will prove it with documented results ready for you to launch your DRTV infomercial testimonials to the world.  

Real people Reel Results!
DRTV Testimonial Casting without 'casting'. Just real results by real people.

At Infomercial Testimonial Group results are based on the merits of the product or program being tested. All fitness infomercial testimonials and DRTV testimonials are nonpaid testimonial volunteers who followed the program managed and coordinated by ITG - the largest provider of Infomercial Testimonials in the world.
Testimonial casting, Infomercial testimonials, drtv testimonials, testimonial groups 714 850 9777BEST infomercia testimonials at Infomercial Testimonial Group 714 850 9777
   949 251 0944
for your DRTV Testimonials
  and Infomercial Testimonial success stories.

DRTV Testimonials - are they for real?
Today 2016
A company founded by Ed Gaut fills the void of Real People, Real Results.  Infomercial Testimonial Group has launched over 200 testimonial programs includeing Fitness Testimonails, skincare testimonials, and cooking product testimonals for many of the products you curently have in your home.
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