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We Provide Infomercial Testimonials, supported with research,
 and real world product testing services.

“Plenty of infomercials sell legitimate products. But how can viewers tell them from the scams? Look on screen or at the product’s website for the seal of Infomercial Testimonial Group, which independently tests products and solicits people who aren’t family, friends or actors.” SELF magazine


Will your 2019 testimonials be backed by research?

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The ITG Seal for bonafide results is
 the only testimonial provider Seal recommended by
 SELF Magazine to your consumers. 

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I have worked with ITG. Their testimonials appear in the current TOTALGYM show. Ed and Alison are great
people to work with
Dave Scudder VP American Telecast Products.

"Thank you so much again for all your assistance with this. I really am impressed with the service you have provided, and would have absolutely no hesitation in coming to you again for future projects. Look forward to working with you again in the future" - Donna Crossland
Broadcast & Regulatory Affairs High Street TV (Group) Ltd

See Ed Gaut's one on one interview with the Assistant Director of Advertising Practices at the FTC.
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     Infomercial Testimonial Group®(ITG) is the leading independent
infomercial testimonial provider in the world. 
Infomercial Testimonial Group® focuses on DRTV
Testimonials backed by research and understands FTC guidelines for Testimonial Casting.  ITG coordinates and manages testimonial programs for fitness testimonials, skincare testimonials, and consumer product testimonials for major infomercial companies and infomercial producers.

     All aspects of obtaining actual doctor and or qualified expert supervised DRTV testimonials are managed by Infomercial Testimonial Group® including testimonial recruitment which respects the FTC guidelines for testimonial casting, before and after photos, securing of DRTV testimonial releases, documentation of testimonial results, as well as generating honest, genuine and emotional written and video testimonial statements from the non paid infomercial testimonial study participants. Infomercial Testimonial Group® abides by FTC guidelines for Testimonial Casting for research studies.

At Infomercial Testimonial Group® our focus is on the Typical and A-Typical infomercial testimonial results your product and or program can generate and we back claims with research.

Let Infomercial Testimonial Group® put your
 Advertising Claims to the test!


Infomercial Testimonial Group as seen in Response Magazine

 "The reason reputable infomercial companies and DRTV producers come to Infomercial Testimonial Group, usually after clinical documentation, is based on our Infomercial Testimonial study processes utilized in the development of real world product testimonials and our ability to generate bona fide infomercial testimonial results.  If a product works in the real world environment for the masses then we can ultimately generate doctor supervised, documented, honest, effective, and camera friendly DRTV testimonials. We have extensive experience managing infomercial testimonial programs for every category including skin care, house hold items, wealth programs and of coarse the health, fitness, and weight loss category,"
 states Ed Gaut, Testimonial Coordinator

DRTV Testimonials by ITG

Today 2018
You have probably seen all of the fitness testimonials on your television screen. Is it Testimonial casting or Infomercial testimonial casting?  According to the FTC infomercial producers need to pay close attention as to how their testimonials are being recruited and how the testimonial program study is being managed.  ITG has been coordinating and managing DRTV testimonial programs since 1993. 

Consumers look for the ITG SEAL for Bonafide DRTV testimonials.

January 2016
Number one in their category, NU WAVE OVEN and Ab Circle are the latest to use the ITG SEAL in recent infomercials.  As consumers become more and more unhappy with false or fake claims - one company bridges the gap by reaching out to consumers with real results by real people.  Call Infomercial Testimonail Groups at 949 251 0944.
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